The Family History Map is a geographical, visual representation of the history of the entire Grossmann Family and all of it’s branches. The points on the map show some of the most significant locations in the history of the family and the journey starts in Höfen an der Enz in the German state of
Baden-Württemberg. It is here that the Grossmann name can be traced back to the mid-1600’s.

How to use the map

Your mouse scroll wheel will zoom in and out on the map so to scroll the page, please use the scroll bars. Click on a marker to learn more about that location and its history. Each branch of the family has a color family. For example, all Grossmann-related families are shades of green. All Mauthe-related families are shades of blue. Keep in mind, the map centers on Höfen an der Enz but there are locations all over the western world, including the USA and Canada.

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