The Grossmann Family has a deep, storied history that has been accurately traced back to 17th century Germany.  While there are documents linking ancestors that date back farther than that, the provability of these documents is suspect.  Therefore, the beginning of our story starts with Matthaeus Großmann, who is perhaps the single most important figure in all of the Grossmann family history.  Matthaeus was born in September of 1679 in the tiny Black Forest village of Kapfenhardt.   He was one of only 12 births recorded that year in Kapfenhardt and nearby Langenbrand.  Matthaeus’ parents are believed to be Johannes Grosshans and Anna Maria Gack.  Johannes/Hanns was born around 1645 in Kapfenhardt and Anna Maria was born probably around 1648 in Salmbach.  It is believed that he had older siblings as his parents were married in Langenbrand in 1670, however, there is currently no documentation available about any siblings.  Because the area that the family originated from was so small and remote it is possible that records are incomplete and/or never existed.  

The Grossmann family as we know it today officially began on 09 November 1705 when Matthaeus married Magdalena Sieb, who was born on 29 January 1679 in Bernbach, Heilbronn, Germany.  Together, the couple had 4 children, 2 daughters and 2 sons, before Magdalena passed away on 28 April 1720 in Hoefen an der Enz.  Matthaeus, remarried around 1728 to a woman named Margaretha. Her maiden name is unknown.  Matthaeus had 4 more daughters with Margaretha but very little is known of them beyond birth dates.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nThe first-born son of Matthaeus was named Leonhard.  Little is known about his at this time other than that he married a woman in Wildbad and lived there until his death.  It is not known if he had any children.  

Perhaps the second most important figure in the Grossmann family history is Matthaeus’ fourth child and second son, Matthias who was born in Hoefen an der Enz on 08 March 1718.  Matthias Grossmann is the common ancestor of all known Grossmann’s. The patriarch of the Grossmann family, Matthaeus Grossmann, passed away presumably at his home in Hoefen an der Enz on 14 August 1748 at the age of 69.