Family History Map

This interactive map is a fun way to learn about the places and people in the Grossmann and related families. Explore where different branches of the family came from and read about important events and places in the history timeline.

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Grossmann Family Tree

The Grossmann Family Tree is a comprehensive resource for learning about the history of our family. This tree covers many, many generations and contains thousands of people. If you're just starting off, find yourself in the list and explore from there...

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About the Grossmann Family

Family history is a fascinating journey. Learn why this site exists and the significance of the Grossmann Family of Hoefen an der Enz--a small village in the northern Black Forest region of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

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Großmann, Matthaeus (1679 – 1748)

Matthaeus Großmann is the single most important figure in all of the Grossmann family history and is the patriarch of Read More

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